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David J. Gall

Yes, I sell a CD with all the QAC Q2/200 plans (sans templates),
newsletters, and other info on it. You can view my ad at

David J. Gall
P.S. Leon, I found a copy of the ASTM standards.

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1) The kit is missing the manual/plans. Can I order a
duplicate from
anywhere? Also where can I find all the addendums/notams
that QAC put out?
You can download a copy of the plans and addendums from Jon
Finleys site - or buy them off eBay from Quickiesource. Any
Kinko's can print the PDF files in full size, or you can
pring a "shop copy" from your PC printer. (wouldn't work for me just now????)

I think David Gall (also on this list) had a CD with the
Q-2/200 plans as well.

2) Since it's a Q2 it uses the GU canard which seems to have a bad
rap. Should I just build it like it is or try to convert to LS1. If
LS1 is the only way to go, where can I find the templates
and carbon
fiber spar?
Nothing wrong with the GU canard - if you don't fly in the
rain or bugs.
Vortex generators will fix that. The LS-1 will cary more
weight but the spars are hard to find for a "reasonable"
price. Peter Harris (on the list) can supply new ones. I
can supply CAD templates for the LS-1 - and they can be
downloaded in PDF as well - from the files section IIRC.
Leon McAtee

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