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David J. Gall

Hi Doug,

There are only QAC newsletters on my CDs.

David J. Gall


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I saw your response on the Q-list and it begged the question: which
newsletters do you have on your CD? Are they just they ones QAC put out? I
know some of us editors of Q-Talk might get upset if you were including
Quick Talk or Q-Talk on the cd. If its just the QAC ones, you might want to
clarify it for the group.

Emails don't come across sometimes like we wish, so don't take this as a
flame or anything. Just curious.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE

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Yes, I sell a CD with all the QAC Q2/200 plans (sans
templates), newsletters, and other info on it. You can view
my ad at <>
David J. Gall

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