Sport pilot medical

Leon - C <leon@...>

Ran across this on another list and thought I'd pass it along - even though it isnt' really relevant to Q pilots. It may be no mor than "urban legand" but might be worth checking into for those that might be in need.

Last year the FAA presented details of the medical rules at the
Illinois Safety Seminar in Springfield.

Here is a key item. If your last medical was not cancelled, you can
then use your drivers license. And is here the way around your last
cancellation per the FAA. Request a single flight medical for a ferry
flight of a short distance. Almost always granted. Now your last
medical is not a failure. You dont need to actually make the flight,
just have permission.

Your request of course would be for a single flight, VFR, no
passengers, etc so there is no danger to anyone.

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