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Can't give you anymore details. I was just passing along the info I found. I - assume - that you need the N-number of a real plane (look on Barnstormers for one for sale) and beginning and end points. I also assume that you don't actually need to own the plane as you could just say you were bringing it to your IA for a pre-purchase inspection. And if the weather - happened - to be bad and the flight had to be scrubbed, or the plane got sold/removed from the market before the intended flight............................

If you medical has been out of force for too long you might also have to arrange for a BFR to be completely legal to get the permit?

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More details please. I am not familiar with the
ferry request. Do I need to provide the
identification of the aircraft I am supposed to be
ferrying? Do I need the start and endpoint airport
identifiers? Do I actually need to own the plane I
am requesting the ferry medical for?


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>Ran across this on another list and thought I'd pass
it along - even though
>it isnt' really relevant to Q pilots. It may be no
mor than "urban legand"
>but might be worth checking into for those that
might be in need.
>Last year the FAA presented details of the medical
rules at the
>Illinois Safety Seminar in Springfield.
>Here is a key item. If your last medical was not
cancelled, you can
>then use your drivers license. And is here the way
around your last
>cancellation per the FAA. Request a single flight
medical for a ferry
>flight of a short distance. Almost always granted.
Now your last
>medical is not a failure. You dont need to actually
make the flight,
>just have permission.
>Your request of course would be for a single flight,
VFR, no
>passengers, etc so there is no danger to anyone.
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