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John ten Have <jtenhave@...>


there is a huge amount of information on the airsoob and other related yahoo groups. He would be well advised to familiarise himself with these groups.

Many years ago there was a split into two groups due to some titanic size ego issues ( hard to believe in the aviation community - I know) so it is best to join both.



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Subject: [Q-LIST] Help with a Subaru Engine

I received an email from a guy from the Ukrane who is installing an EJ-22 Subaru engine on his Q and has some questions. Would anyone on the list like to help this guy?

Contact me off list at HawkiDoug@... and I'll forward you the emails before you contact him.

From: "Serge Orlov" airnotika@...

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE

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