Spring Fling 06

Keith Welsh <kfly@...>


We have a person with a Q2 in the box, never started, and is willing to bring it to the Spring Fling in Casey if there is interest. Below is the info on the kit.

If anyone is interested let me know ASAP as they will need to know to justify bringing it.

1. The kit was never started and is still in the boxes that it came in.
2. It is complete, with the following extras;

* graphite spars for the NASA LS mod
* hydraulic brake kit
* engine oil sump drain assembly
* geared electric starter
* prefabricated fuel tank
* communication radio antenna kit
* navigation radio antenna kit

3. all the required paperwork is there; materials list, construction
manuals and drawings plus a number of the Quick talk news letters.
4. the serial no. is 2369
5. the engine is a Revmaster 2100-D

It was purchased it in 1981 for $12,482. with all the extras.

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