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Yeah I know! I have a lot more work to do. I definitely need to
make them easier to navigate. But I just wanted to let people know
that they were available (even though a little clunky right now).

If you click on the title of the page, it will take you to an area
where you can leave comments.

By the way, I bought a copy of the Q1 plans on CD from a guy on
eBay. They were supposed to be high rez scans of the originals, but
they ended up looking like 3rd generation Xeroxes! They'll be fine
for the text portions of the plans, but if anyone has an original set
of Q1 plans could I borrow them for a couple of days? I have access
to high rez scanning equipment and would like to have good quality
versions of the pictures and drawings. Please let me know!

Thanks everyone.

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Nice job Dan!

I just updated the Resources/Plans page on the QBA web site to
include a
link to this site. The only comment I would have is that it took
me a while
to find the "NEXT PAGE" link at the bottom.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE
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It took about a month of work to get these online and formatted.
know there's quite a few typos and grammatical errors right now
are mine and some are QAC's) If you find any errors please make a
comment on that page and I'll correct it.

I'll be adding Q2PC's and fixing errors, over the next few days,
then add Q1 plans and other QAC documents (including templates and
drawings) in the coming months.

The site is ad based, so if you like what you see and would like
to see
more, please visit one of the sponsors' sites, it doesn't cost
you a
thing, and there's some cool companies showing up already. (Who
there was such a thing as a CNC foam cutter?) Thanks and good

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