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I know it is late, but I just got home from Fargo, and won't be able to
attend this year. If you are good enough to have one next year I will fly

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Hello again everyone:

As we approach the final weekend before the 2006 Spring Fling Tandem Wing
Fly-in at the Casey Airport in Casey IL I wanted to bring you up to date with
what's been going on and welcome you all to this years event.

I was able to inspect the hangar facility that we will be using. It has been
vacated for about 10 years (since the judge who owned it got throwed in jail)
and used for various other purposes, girls softball bating practice and
storage. It is very nice on the inside with a great painted floor which can
store approx. 10 Q's with no trouble.
It has an air conditioned carpeted office area with full restroom and bath
facilities. This will be the base of our operations. Anyone who wishes to set
up house keeping there for the weekend is welcomed to do so.

FRIDAY: Arrivals, evening meal at Richards Farm.
I have made arrangements for us to enjoy the atmosphere at Richards Farm
restaurant in Casey, about a mile from the airport. Richards Farm is a large
barn that has been owned by the Richards family since the 1930's. It was
converted into a restaurant many years ago and has experienced steady growth
and popularity since. The old barn atmosphere is everywhere and includes a
gift shop for the gals. We will be dining in the loft area where you can order
from the menu or have the buffet which is $16.95. I will need to give them an
approx head count by Wednesday. Right now we look to be somewhere around 12 to
15. So for those of you who haven't called or if you know of someone who plans
to attend be sure to let me know.

Saturday will be our busy day with the condition inspection forum, by Sam
Hoskiins, lunch on the grill and pizza that evening AND plenty of flying. Now
all we need is for the weather gods to come through. Sandy and Howie (FBO
owners) will be available to answer any aeronautical mechanical questions you
may have. They run a first rate shop and have many years experience with GA

Good by's and departures.

Thanks and we hope to see you next weekend.
Your host Keith Welsh
Quickie N494K

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