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I am responding because I have experience with SUBARU EA 81 , EJ 2.2 &2.5 and people are asking about these engines.
after about 2 years experimenting and being very frustrated and meany dead stick landings,I have found that the subaru is the best aircraft engine.
It is not the engines fault when it doesn't work ,it is the application.
I found it is easy to cool if you get airflow over radiator in P51 style cooling duct in bottom for air to liquid cooler (radiator).
You need to expand the air volume slowly as it goes to radiator and after its through squeeze it coming out back.
The Radiator cap needs to be at highest location so the air can rise to top system and out. No high spots in coolant lines if posable it may trap air.When air expands it pressurizes coolant system .and releases out top.
If air gets to hot it turns to steam and then you have a steam engine pressure hot spots system can air lock and you have emergency ( dead stick)

I also use P51 style coolant air for oil pan under spinner. This is one of the best locations for high pressure air.
I don't have problem anymore cooling these engines.
I found the EA81 oil runs a little hotter than EJ 's I don't use oil coolers .My oil runs about same as coolant 180 to 210 Fahrenheit

I have weight O-200 basic engine no Accessories stripped clean 225 LBS
i have weight EA-81 Firewall forward including everything prop oil coolant I just finished taking of my DRAGONFLY after flight 214 LBS
I have weight EJ's Firewall forward including everything except prop dry 232 LBS // oil in 240 LBS

These engines are direct drive turbocharged intercooled 54" warp drive three blade
EA81 = 100 HP
EJ 2.5 =150 HP
redrive power is more

Reg Clarke Q2 subaru

see coolant scoop on bottom Q2 with EJ 2.5

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