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Jon Finley <jon@...>

Hi Ron,

Afraid I don't check messages here very often so missed your call for

Yes, I am in the middle of moving to an airpark (Yippee!!!) near
Albuquerque, NM so my site is down.

As you have already found, you won't find much help out there for prop
setup on the Soob. It can be very frustrating but remember that the
fun is typically in the journey and not just the destination.

I am running a 55" 3-blade Warp Drive that had the blades profiled for
high-rpm use by Gary Hunter - remember, I am direct-drive. Currently,
the blades are set at 14 degrees. I do not think this prop is very
efficient but that is purely a gut feeling - I have no data to back it
up. However; it is very adjustable and that is the reason that I'm
using it.

Do to my low thrust line, 55" was the maximum that I could get away
with. Depending on your reduction, you might be able to use a
slightly longer prop. In any case, you will likely be limited to less
than 60".

With my Soob, an in-flight adjustable prop would be the cat's meow.
They are a bit too spendy for my checkbook though.

Not terribly helpful... Sorry, wish I had a solid answer for you.

Jon Finley

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Does anyone have a suggested size prop I should run
EJ 22,
165hp. at 5500rpm. 2 to 1 reduction. No pure wood

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