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I too want to say thanks for hosting the flyin. Between graduations
Friday PM and the kids calling to say they were hit by a deer, our
time there was limited. Seeing you Quickie up close made the whole
effort worth it for me. I Borrowed that hi tech digital camera from
work, just wish I could work it. I set it up to record Sam's
presentation but it must have a built in timer as it shut off after
18 minutes. I did get about 70% of your inflight that I can send
either DVD's or MP4 files if anyone is interested. There is a few
good shots of your flight and the Q1 on the ground. Bits of Sam's
pieces and things I found interesting on the DF, Pulsar etc as well
as 311DM departing. If I can get the MP4 small enough, I will post it
to the files section. If anyone wants a 31 minute DVD with about 6
minutes of Q1 and a lot of broken or shaky bits, email me your
address direct and I will send them off snail mail. With Luck, I will
be flying in next year and be able to hold the camera still

Thanks again,
Tad Simpson

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Thanks Jeff for coming:

Glad you enjoyed yourself and liked the burgers. Kinda sweated that
one at first, glad everyone liked em.
I received several compliments so I guess I'll fix them again. One
person asked about the local of the pig and it did come from the home
farm. I just grabbed a few boxes, said adios, and headed for the
Thanks for mentioning the airport, was wondering how it was
received. And glad you liked the Q1 demo. I have very few in flight
pix. If you have any could you send a few.

Oh and thanks for saving Sam's day. That was GREAT!! One never
knows what lays around the corner at these events.

Thanks again
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Subject: Re: [Q-LIST] Spring Fling 06

Thanks Keith,
Did a great job. The burgers were excellent. Good choice for
airports, felt
welcomed by all. First time I saw a Q-1 perform, very cool! Nice
machine too.

Jeff Sell

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