Re: prop size?

Ron Weiss <ronweiss4@...>

Thanks Chris, I'm leaning toward a Warp Drive, seema to be the prop
of choice for Subaru guy's. Earnest,what does you girlfriend look
like? Ron--- In, dkeats <dkeats@...> wrote:

Ron Weiss-------------- I run a three blade 53 inch Warp drive on
E-81 turbo direct drive. As Jon says , they may not have the best
performance , but they are adjustable and don't even flinch in a
storm. The length will be as much as possible with reasonable
clearance .I think the three blade may be smoother. Call Warp
drive and
ask then to profile your tips for better performance . It's an
option on
smaller diameter props but worth the price. If you don't know how
hp you will get and at what rpm you will want to cruise at, it's
hard to
pick a fixed pitch. Kinda like a stab in the dark. Your engine may
a sweet spot for cruising at 5200 rpm instead of 5500 so an
comes in real handy. I like my warp drive and I'll be using one on
2.5 turbo when it's ready. Have fun------------ Canada Chris

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