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I hauled my project on a 24ft trailer that worked really well.
Because of the hoop gear, we had to put 2x12 across the trailer it
was actually 6" wider than the legal 8ft wide in the US.

Search the Dragonfly group for posts from Terry Devine. He has pics
of a rack to fit an S10 pick up that he hauled his 3-400 miles on
with no trailer. See

Tad Simpson

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Thanks Doug, I take all advice offered with a great amount of


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Dragonfly's are fine machines (hissss) but are not as fast,
because they have more wing
area and that means drag. I personally think the Q's are sexier (if
that matters). My best
advice is to be patient with the purchasing process. There will
always be a good project
out there to buy. Educate yourself first and you'll avoid mistakes
(trust me!). In my
Humble opinion, don't buy anything for a year. You will learn so
much in that year you'll
be glad you waited. But its just my opinion from being there and
doing that.

Good luck.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE
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Dragonfy question next...

Thanks for answering my new guy questions again, one more..
What do
you think of the dragonfly, I found an unfinshed project in


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