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I'll be camping all week and having the QBA hotdog roast at my camp site Friday evening at 6pm. The Quickie forum is at 4 pm Friday afternoon in pavilion 5. See you there!

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble

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Thanks for the response. Good luck with the race, look forward to
seeing you and your Q-200 again.



Tom & Bruce,

I will be there early also. I will be participating in this year's
AirVenture Cup Race, Dayton to Oshkosh, which is on Sunday, July
23. Sandy
and & expect to stay until Thursday.

Sam Hoskins Q-200

Murphysboro, IL


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Ok so what is the plan for AirVenture? Sure would like to be able
coordinate our visit with a Q appearance.

We made the Casey Ill. trip and came away with lots of info, notes

If anyone can post their schedule it would be appreciated.

Our game plan is to be there early in the week.


Q-200 builders Tom & Bruce

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