Re: Engine wanted

Reginald Clarke <airryder@...>

Hello ;PAT
I have a EA81 Firewall forward 100 HP ($7500.00 or best offer)
also a new EJ 25 for sale ($5500.00 or best offer)
Reg Clarke
Q2 /N624JC

On 27-Jun-06, at 9:13 PM, Ron Weiss wrote:

--hey pat, i've got a rotorway r/w 100 engine for sale....$2900.00,
Ron- In Q-LIST@..., "Patrick Panzera" <panzera@...> wrote:
> Anyone have an O-200, O-235 or any other 100-120hp engine they'd
like to
> get rid of?
> Thanks!
> Pat

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