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Reginald Clarke <airryder@...>

On 14-Jul-06, at 11:07 AM, Jim Patillo wrote:
Add on to Group I have had one gradually block off in my DRAGONFLY I
lost power and made Emergancy landing. When I looked at filter it
looked like new from outside .it din't look blocked but it was.These
are very dangerous filters
Reg Clarke /Q2 N624JC

Anyone using those small see thru glass fuel filters should check them
right away and do so on a regular basis. The filters are small and can
plug rather easily. Last week I had to fly over and help a pilot that
had an engine failure over central California and had to dead stick
from the plane from 6,500' to a landing at Modesto, CA. No damage to
either the pilot or plane.

The only reason I'm bringing this up now is because if I didn't say
anything and it happened to someone else I would feel terrible. The
engine started surging near the border in Norther California and
finally quiting near Modesto, CA. He had looked at the filters within
two hours before.

When I saw the lack of fuel flow at the carburator, my first
suggestion was to pull the filters and verify. Sure enough the filters
looked clean but you could barely blow through them. Once replaced the
plane flew on to its destination.

Its these small things that can mess upo your day, HEADS UP!

JIm Patillo

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