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On 22-Jul-06, at 4:26 PM, Steve wrote:
I have yet to fly my Q2 ,I'm waiting for FAA sign off .Very soon .I am
very anxious to start test flying.If you are familiar with DRAGONFLY
Same except a little heavier and more wing Climb 2500 ' min cruise at
12,000' 190 knots ,it was great. I have over 800 HRS on subaru's in
Reg Clarke /Q2 ,N624JC

What kind of performance figures are you getting with your EJ25.
Thanks Steve Ham

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On 21-Jul-06, at 7:53 AM, Reginald Clarke wrote:


> On 21-Jul-06, at 7:31 AM, Reginald Clarke wrote:
> <new 25 subaru.JPG>
>> <new 25 subaru.JPG>
>> I have a NEW EJ25 for sale as it came out of car.
>> I had three I sold one ,I have one in my Q2 and one for sale. Ready
>> to convert for aircraft
>> Reg Clarke
>> Lethbridge Alberta CANADA.
>> PH 403-380-4781

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