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Sam (Hoskins), do you have Dave Eksrom's address, he can do this or describe
how it's done. I lost his address the last time I had to deal with a worm or

Mark Pearson
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I am getting ready to install Nav lights in the Main wing tips and atop the
vertical stabilizer. I will be carving the wing tips and top of the vertical
stabilizer from blue foam; then, covering with a 2 layers of BID. I then want
to make custom clear plastic lens where the position light will be installed.

I remember someone on the list describing how the lens were made. It seems
the clear plastic is heated to about 300 deg., then forced over the part or a
mold of the part to stretch and form the clear plastic. After cooling, the
formed plastic is trimmed and installed.

Has anyone on the list done something like this? Can you point me to a
detailed description, perhaps in Q-talk, on the Web, a book or article? What type
of plastic?
How thick originally? Temperature? Etc.


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