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David J. Gall


Do not use the fuselage urethane (polyurethane) foam for wings. Also, do not
cut Urethane foam with a hot wire and do not expose Urethane foam to heat or
open flame. It gives off poisonous gasses when heated or burned.

Do not use the fine-cell insulation Styrofoam that Dow makes. The insulation
Styrofoam is called IB foam, for Insulation billet; the blue foam that the
wings and control surfaces are made from is called Dow FB Styrofoam.

FB Styrofoam can be purchased in billets that are 8 x 16 x 109 inches. FB
stands for Fabrication Billet. FB has a coarser cell size that permits a
better mechanical bond between the foam and the facings than IB. FB
Styrofoam should be available at any insulation wholesale supplier. That's
where I got mine. I have some of the original blue foam from a Quickie kit
and it appears to be identical material to the Dow FB Styrofoam.

There is a third type of Styrofoam available called BB Styrofoam. BB stands
for Bouyancy Billet. This material is coarse, similar to the FB Styrofoam
although it may be a different color. BB Styrofoam was supplied in some Q2
kits for wing and control surface cores and seems to be a direct replacement
for the FB Styrofoam.

David J. Gall

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Yes , Dave I am asking if I can use the same foam of the
fuse on the wings , as the KR plane use .And on the Jack
Lambie books ( composite construction) say that hot wire
foams is more easy to work on big and gentle curves than
About CG I want to now more , the max forward and the max
aft, I^m 200 pound guy and 6feet toll .
Thanks very much

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