Re: Livermore Fly-in

Jim Patillo


Bob and I will be happy to assist you for an article. The scale P38
was owned by Watler Treadwell. It is now in a museum in Southern
California. Will try to get you in touch with Walter here in LVK when
you arrive.

P.S. As Pat said we are 5 days and counting. It's getting late now so
please let us know "by reply on this list" who's coming so we can have
enough food on hand.

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200 785 hours in type - approximately 1000
landings! Any questions?

--- In Q-LIST@..., "Patrick Panzera" <panzera@...> wrote:

It's five days and counting... :)

Jack and Diane,

Will you two be attending again this year?
Veronica asked me to ask you.



Can we get some air-to-air shots of you and Bob in formation? I'd like
to put your planes on the cover of OCNTACT! Magazine and do a PROPER Q
article. (I'm in the "not happy with the Kitplanes article" camp).


Anyone in the Livermore area,

Several years ago there was a scale P-38 that showed up at our little
gathering. Is that plane still around? Is it possible to put me in touch
with the owner so I can get an interview and an article out of it?...
maybe even some air-to-air photos as well?



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