Q2 or Q200 WANTED!

Danny Creech <dannycreech@...>

I'm looking for a Q2 or Q200 to purchase. I almost bought a Q2 back in
mid 1999 in the LA area. I had the cash in hand but after looking at
and then flying it, I had to pass. The craftsmanship was quite poor. I
really wasn't looking for a project at that time.

Now that I am established in my career, I am looking for one to buy. I
would prefer one with lighting and full instruments already set up. I
may consider a project depending on how good the craftsmanship is and
how far along it is to being finished.

I'm not going to say price isn't a factor, but I am willing to pay for

If you have a lead on one, please email me directly.
Danny Creech (dannycreech@...)

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