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I suppose, if you push hard enough those words might fit in my
mouth. What does cheap mean to you guys? Under 20K sounds cheap to
me with all of the money and work put into these machi

I think you might be measuring with your own yard stick on that one

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Jim - This guy Hazlitt is another one trying to acquire a Quickie
on the
cheap. Sometime in the recent past he must've received a
transfusion from one
of the other cheapskates who demanded that we more experienced
builders are
going to have to spoon feed them 'cause they came onboard late in
program.........yeah right! All the cheapskates have to do is
mimic the geezers by
buying all of the back issues of Q-talk and subscribe to the
upcoming issues.

Dick Barbour
Tri-Q-200 building
Rogers, AR

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