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--geez, you guys are brutal! it wasn't so long ago that i was looking
for the quick answers. some of us come around sooner or later. i left
this website in disgust a few years ago. it was my strong desire a love
for this airplane that brought me back with my tail between my knees.
since then a world of knowledge has opened up to me that was there all
the time! the ultimate coolness of this plane attracts anyone who is a
fan of aviation and the cost to own and operate is also atractive. it's
my feeling that if the Q 2 didn't have any handling issues they'd be
fetching the same price as a lancair or glassair! i can understand the
frustration of you oldtimers getting sick of the same old questions,
but , as long as this website is around, new guy's will surely ask them
and they'll get angry when flamed. this little fraternity is easy to
get into, ego aside, but, we're pilots! so eating a little crow is
difficult for us. a new guy is not going to ask the right questions,
he's going to ask the same questions as all of us did when we saw this
amazing airplane for the first time. we want one and we want it now!!!!
the truth is if we want a good one we have to build it! then the right
questions come to fruition. there are some oldtimers on this site that
have been here for years and still haven't flown yet. i don't know
about you,but when i get home from work i look foward to checking out
what's been said on the site. new or old at least there's activity.
questions or comments this is a pretty cool thing for all of us! if
your new and your reading this,these guys do have your best interest at
heart. you don't neccessarily have to ask the right questions, just
hang around long enough and you'll get it! the Q is the most beautiful
and exicting airplane around. to own one is a privilidge that most will
never know. mines not flying yet ,but, it's the center of my universe.
even know, the hanger at my airport is always buzzing with guys just
wanting to be close to its construction! wherever there's a Q there
will certainly be a crowd! Q's in one form or another are still
around,but , for how long? this website is the only glue holding these
planes togrther.... patience is key, or Q depending how you look at it.
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Can we start a chat line on this site for builders in need of
immediate information? I know when I was building that would have been
a great asset.

Jim P.

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