Re: Q2/200

Jim Patillo

Once again! Go to Quickie Builders Association, top of the page,
Resources, Builder Information. You will find all the people
building and flying Q's

Jim P.

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From new Kitplanes safety article:
"Only 7% of homebuilt accidents during the nominal 40-hour test
period involved sn RV. Why? Many factors, but I guess the biggest
driver is support available from thousands of successful builders.
For most new builders, hands-on help is available - and sometimes
close as the next hanger. Questions can be quickly answered,
can be caught early, and stick time prior to first flight is a
call away."

A searchable database listing all flyers an builders (including
of finish) by local would go a long way towards solving this
for us. I recently (after 2 years at Chino) located 1 other Q2
and understand that there may be others. There are flyers and
builders all over, but finding them is complex. Putting in the
type, etc. would help. A bit ago, I saw a database (not
having the info, but it seems to have disappeared. If the Q2 is
to resurface, we need to get closer to what Kitplanes said about
the RV.

Larry Severson
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 968-9852

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