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In reference to the diesel Q at Oshkosh. It has been stretched at least 8". Both between the canard and the main wing as well as in front of the canard to accomadate the engine. This a new bird. I took several photos both before and after the foruum. If you check them against a standard Q1 it is very noticible.

Jack M.

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Hi Bruce,

Hey, look what I found in my "waiting to be sent folder" better late than

The fellow who did the engine installations doesn't even know all the
answers you request. Rather than give you incorrect info I'll stick with just what
I remember, I wasn't taking notes. I'll bet someone did though . The first
diesel flown on this airframe was a 4 cylinder. The fuel burn was not known by
him, but he did say it would run on just about anything including peanut
oil. A very compact six cylinder is on the firewall now and is rated well over
100 hp. Test pilot Dave M. is scheduled for the honor of test flight, soon.
I'm sure you will see and hear more about this plane, it is a beautiful
example of an experimental aircraft. I think a better test bed for this engine is
a Q 200 at least you could punch it. That reminds me, good job Sam. Those
lawn darts have a bit of an advantage though. Thought I saw you at Doug's hot
dog roast, na maybe not.

Jeff Sell
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