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David J. Gall

Thanks, Mike! :) What I didn't mention is that even Cessna got burned by the downward vent and the interconnected tanks. IIRC, they now require vented caps (on top!) on C150's thru C172's (at least). Lessons to be learned....

David J. Gall
P.S. Rube was a family friend... read "The Systems Bible"....

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I think I can see ways around the problems you suggest, and I'm not sure
the two tanks are always "just one tank" in a fluids or any other
sense. However, as I think about answers to the problems you propose --
and as I think back to the design I was thinking of BEFORE the one I
actually published on this list -- I sense the presence of some old
friends: Rube Goldberg, Mickey Mouse and Captain Murphy. Time to give up
on this one.

By the way, this comment by you is right on: " We're all so used to seeing
a fuel tank vent under the wing of the Cessna we rent that we may not be
putting much thought into the "simple" act of "copying" that vent. Indeed,
that vent is very different from the QAC vent."

Thanks, Mike Perry

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