Emporia Fly-In


Hello Fellow Tandem-wingers,

Just wanted to surface for a second for a few heads-ups... our Livermore fly-in out here was a really great time of talking and seeing airplanes, and those who did make the effort to attend thought it was extremely worthwhile... even though my planes "live" out here, (my Q-1 and soon to fly Q-2) i also enjoyed the camaraderie, the sharing of tips and advice, seeing how others have solved problems... and i'll tell you, there is nothing like having a whole bunch of people crowd around your airplane... that's a real shot in the arm. I'm actually getting closer, my new panel is 99% wired, most of the fuel plumbing is done and i hope to start my new Jabiru 6 for the 1st time in the next couple of weeks - that will be a banner day!

I spoke with Spud on the phone a few days ago, and i'll tell you, he is pulling out all the stops for our upcoming fly-in in Emporia, just a month away. I would encourage ALL of you to attend if at all possible, and make this a fly-in to beat all fly-ins, whether you are still building, or just interested in tandem-wind airplanes, and especially if you have a flying plane, and have already flown to previous events. Spud has several things up his sleeve this year that you flying pilots won't want to miss, and which will be tons of fun. I wish i had MY plane flying... something we've never done before, so fly your planes in!

I've also done some homework, and based on the listing of Accomodations that Spud put together for us on the fly-in website, i was able to secure a super deal... it's always great to have as many of us centrally located as close to one another, so we can gab in the evenings, have breakfast together etc., and the Econolodge in Ottawa was a fun place to do that, as was the Super 8 in Sullivan. I've managed to pull off a really good deal for us this year in Emporia at the Days Inn. Spud had listed a single room there going for $57, i got quoted $52, but then after a nice long talk with the manager there, Jeremy, i was able to negotiate a rate of $39 single and $45 double. Spud notes that the hotel looks clean, and the people i talked with there on the phone were very kind, conversant and accommodating. They also offer a large lobby area, with an adjacent swimming pool, that people could dip in as we talk airplanes, and free breakfast of waffles, juice etc., AND free hi-speed internet access, AND free HBO... we'll, we're not going to watch movies there, as we are there for the planes, but it does sound like a very good place to stay and for the price it can't be beat. Jeremy said that he is reserving a row of ten rooms for us, and can do more, if there is more demand. It sounds like this is the place i'd like to stay at, and i've spoken with a few others already as well, so i hope we all can sorta congregate there and talk airplanes!! Ask for the "Fly-in"discount of $39 single or $45 double as extended by Jeremy at 620-342-1787, "Days Inn." By the way, Jeremy says that he really likes airplanes, but has never been in a light plane before, and i thought, could one of us give him a short hop in the air just to thank him for his help with the hotel discounts? Might be a real nice PR gesture....

Really looking foward to seeing all our old friends again real soon, and make some new ones too. These airplanes are fantastic, so come and get a good dose of being stoked... I can't wait!


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