Inspector and Instructor for Q-2

philmarshall05640 <phil@...>

I am buying a Q-2 from Jerry Kennedy in Sioux Falls, SD. I am flying
out to get it Sept 20th. Is there anyone on the list who can vouch
for Jerry's Q-2 or could come and inspect it for me?

I will also need to get at least 5 hours of dual with an instructor
with time in a Quickie because the insurance company insists (and it's
a good idea). I'm willing to fly with Jerry to get comfortable with
it and fly somewhere to get instruction. I hope to go to the fly-in on
the 23rd, but the weather may prevent it. I will be flying it back to
Vermont in anycase.

Phil Marshall, 450 hours (SEL & glider)
Kitfox N1585F and (soon) Q-2 N214FK
Adamant, VT

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