Re: Inspector and Instructor for Q-2

Jim Patillo


Congratulations on the purchase of your new Q.

If you are picking up Jerry's "Q" in 15 days, what have you done to
get yourself ready to fly this Q taildragger and understand the
planes ideosycracies? If the answer is nothing then the results will
be predictable. This is not a difficult plane to fly but without
systems understanding and a proper check out for yourself and the
plane, it might as well be a 727. If you are a current high time,
complex, multi-engine, instrument rated pilot, I would still say the
same. Just ask Geoff Rutledge or Phil Lankford or Ron Weise or Kevin
Bodiker or David Hyatt or Larry Severson. They can clear up any mis
understandings you may have.

Its good that you are casting about for help. Thats a start! Try to
find someone in your area right away and get up to speed. How far
from Boston are you? Dave Dugas is in Boston and has a sweet flying
Q taildragger, maybe he can offer some input. If you don't feel
comfortable, trailer it! May not be as cool as flying it into your
home airport but it will get there in one piece.

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

--- In, "philmarshall05640" <phil@...> wrote:

I am buying a Q-2 from Jerry Kennedy in Sioux Falls, SD. I am
out to get it Sept 20th. Is there anyone on the list who can vouch
for Jerry's Q-2 or could come and inspect it for me?

I will also need to get at least 5 hours of dual with an instructor
with time in a Quickie because the insurance company insists (and
a good idea). I'm willing to fly with Jerry to get comfortable
it and fly somewhere to get instruction. I hope to go to the fly-
in on
the 23rd, but the weather may prevent it. I will be flying it
back to
Vermont in anycase.

Phil Marshall, 450 hours (SEL & glider)
Kitfox N1585F and (soon) Q-2 N214FK
Adamant, VT

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