Re: Epoxy mixing scales?????


On the subject of epoxy mixing, my dad having been a physician for many years, and then through his long stay at a convalescent hospital, i had collected a number of the large 60 ml syringes that are used for larger abdom. injections etc., and have found them to be absolutely terrific for mixing epoxy. One syringe, each dedicated to resin and hardener, (no contamination) i sawed off the tip to just about top of the plunger level on each for faster flow; in seconds, i have an absolutely accurate measuring of both parts and have never had a poor mix of epoxy using this system. No scales, no waste, and exceedingly accurate. I use the newer Aeropoxy (built my carbon fiber canard out of it) and at a ratio of 3:1, i draw out 10 ml's of hardener, squirt it in my mixing cup, and then draw out 30 ml's of resin with the other syringe, stir, and i'm set. Or, if i have a larger job, i draw out 20 ml's of hardener and 60 ml's of resin. Reduces excess waste to almost nothing, based on the job i have at hand. And almost as quick as squirting out epoxy from the West System pumps (which of course is a different ratio and those pumps can be used only for West System).

My two cent's worth, but it has worked great for me!

Alan Thayer
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