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Are you booked direct to Emporia, or some other destination close by?


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I too will be taking commercial to Kansas, out of SFO, even a tad farther west than Sam, but trust me, it is extremely worth it. I have been doing this for years, and like Sam, and the many others who also attend, there is nothing like being around the people who have built, or are building these planes... and then who are flying them so that we can see first hand how this or that was done. Try to make it! There is nothing like seeing these planes perform as well as they do during a fly-in to keep one stoked through the building process. That's where i am, and wouldn't miss this for anything (except my sister's 50th birthday party one year!)

Bottom line, if you possibly can, book an airline ticket (you could use your pass!) and get over to Emporia next week, so we all can say hello! And yes, i'll be wearing my green shorts...

Alan Thayer
Q-2 Jabiru (almost done) and Q-1 new carbon fiber spar

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I will be flying from Sacramento to Kansas City on Southwest. At least it
is a non stop flight and only takes 3 hours. I find this gathering really
helps me to stay motivated to complete my Q-200. I've never grown tired of
listing and learning from all those pilots and builders that make up the
Tandem wing community. The trip is worth it no matter what it takes to get
there. And of course Alan will be wearing his special one of a kind green


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Gents & Ladies,

I need to get to Kansas. I live in Euclid, Ohio. My Options:

1. Drive. 14 hours, one way.
2. Rent a plane. C-172-$93/hr wet = about $1500 round trip.
3. Fly commercial. Hate doing that. I am a pilot.
4. Share a ride/expenses. Any one going my way? Can I connect with
someone between here and Kansas.

Joseph Snow

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