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Dave Richardson <dave@...>

I recall hearing that Rutan and the EZ guys went to the very light
fiberglass cloth like they use on RC models to give the extra epoxy
coats on the inside of the tank some structure and to reduce the number
of pin holes. Perhaps Terry Crouch can comment on this or some of the
other guys familiar with the EZ's.

Dave Richardson


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An aluminum tank makes absolutely no sense to me. What problem are you
trying to fix? Everything is there in the plans to get it right.

To keep the tank from developing pinhole leaks, paint on a couple extra
coats of epoxy, it's no big deal.

Geez - where do these wacky ideas come from?



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I'm going to cut & shape the aluminium myself, but may get it
welded (& pressure tested)
I will then reconstruct the composite seat over the top so that the end
result will be an aluminium tank encapsulated in the original style
composite structure. Damian Gregory also recommends a bladder.
Allan F

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Are you making your own aluminium tanks Darrell Daniels
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I have had the same thoughts, and after lots of excellent advice from
various Q-Listers I am going for aluminium for my main tank. I will
some of the composite tank structure in place (front/sides/centre) so
as to

not compromise structural integrity. It will weigh more but I'm only
(9 st) so I don't care.
Allan F

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I have been searching the archives as I am still not satisfied with
that fuel can leak through you tank and into the foam of you airplane
. I
also wan to burn auto fuel . After all of my reading it seems the only
people who have actually done anything is using a slosh coating which
really practical it a Q but it seems to be the only option is you want
burn car gas or rid of the possible fuel leak.
The one exception is in the Archive Sam in one entry said something
about using a fuel resistant epoxy but you could not get to all of the
places to sand to easily recoat the entire inside of the tank. Any
ideas or am I making much to do for nothing Darrell Daniels Tri Q

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