Re: Larger fuel tank under seat + higher cabin headroom.

Christopher <qdf_files@...>

When you add it up like that I can clearly see that is really plenty
of fuel, I'd be hard pressed to fly that long without a stop
somewhere but I like the idea of extra range to fly around weather,
if I do something stupid. Alaska is a huge place and the weather is
always changing in a hurry. NO excuse for being sloppy just because
you have extra fuel, but it won't hurt either.

That Aux tank really makes a difference. I'm pretty dedicated
towards doing something different from a regular Q or DF with my
project even if it takes me ten years to finish it. I want to put a
T-Tail on it as the sole elevator and perhaps look into flapperons
for both wings.

I can hear the groans now.... huge undertaking, not something for a
novice... only an engineer with experience etc.. I will hire one!

Oh, all this makes extra weight but I'm planning on spending some
bucks for a Jabiru 3.3 and that will help reduce some weight.


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Christopher, I have 32 gallons, which gives me a 750+ mile range.
I did
endeavor to keep the tanks as large as possible, but the header
and main are
close to stock. I think the Q-200 plans did call for a smaller
header, but
I think that was solely to allow access to the engine mounting
bolts. With
a little finagling I was able to keep it at 6.5 gallons. There
are lots of
header tanks shown in the old Q-Talks. Here's what I have.

Header = 6.5

Main = 16.5

Aux = 9

Sam Hoskins Q-200


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Anyone here ever hear of anyone making the fuel tank taller in
their Q
to fit more fuel in (solo flying) and then extending the top of
canopy to make enough room for the pilot so he doesn't hit his
head on
the glass?

I haven't studied how this might affect seating yet, if the tank
raised whether the seating would become difficult to use the brake
rudder. If someone has either studied or done so, please email me


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