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Danny Creech <dannycreech@...>

Thanks Peter!

Peter Harris <peterjfharris@...> wrote:
Danny there is additional reinforcement in back of the firewall behind each
engine mount. I think the details are in the resources link to the website.

Peter H


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Your best bet would be to talk to Mark Summers. A couple of years
ago he converted his Q2 to a Q200. His number is 925-784-4217. He
has a beautiful and fast Q200 and knows the answers to your

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

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I have a simple question that I am sure must be out there on the
net somewhere.

Besides the Engine/Eng mount/Prop. and a different (stronger)
front wing, what else would I have to do to convert a Q2 to a Q200?

If there is a web page or an artical that tells me how to
convert one, please give me the link and I'll go read it.

Danny Creech
Soon to be a Quickie owner.

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