Re: Larger fuel tank under seat + higher cabin headroom.

Steve <sham@...>

Why reinvent the wheel. Is it the speed, the handling, range,the don't like??? I don't know how old you are but if you are planning on ten years to build it will take you twenty in real years. If you want to fly a quick good handling great looking plane, just build a Quickie and don't reinvent it. If you never plan on flying you can spend a lifetime being an inventor.

Steve Ham

PS Check the archives on Sam's post about his autopilot...

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When you add it up like that I can clearly see that is really plenty
of fuel, I'd be hard pressed to fly that long without a stop
somewhere but I like the idea of extra range to fly around weather,
if I do something stupid. Alaska is a huge place and the weather is
always changing in a hurry. NO excuse for being sloppy just because
you have extra fuel, but it won't hurt either.

That Aux tank really makes a difference. I'm pretty dedicated
towards doing something different from a regular Q or DF with my
project even if it takes me ten years to finish it. I want to put a
T-Tail on it as the sole elevator and perhaps look into flapperons
for both wings.

I can hear the groans now.... huge undertaking, not something for a
novice... only an engineer with experience etc.. I will hire one!

Oh, all this makes extra weight but I'm planning on spending some
bucks for a Jabiru 3.3 and that will help reduce some weight.


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> Christopher, I have 32 gallons, which gives me a 750+ mile range.
I did
> endeavor to keep the tanks as large as possible, but the header
and main are
> close to stock. I think the Q-200 plans did call for a smaller
header, but
> I think that was solely to allow access to the engine mounting
bolts. With
> a little finagling I was able to keep it at 6.5 gallons. There
are lots of
> header tanks shown in the old Q-Talks. Here's what I have.
> Header = 6.5
> Main = 16.5
> Aux = 9
> Sam Hoskins Q-200
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> Subject: [Q-LIST] Larger fuel tank under seat + higher cabin
> Anyone here ever hear of anyone making the fuel tank taller in
their Q
> to fit more fuel in (solo flying) and then extending the top of
> canopy to make enough room for the pilot so he doesn't hit his
head on
> the glass?
> I haven't studied how this might affect seating yet, if the tank
> raised whether the seating would become difficult to use the brake
> rudder. If someone has either studied or done so, please email me
> list.
> Christopher

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