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Thanks David.
Danny Creech

"David J. Gall" <David@...> wrote:
"...[D]ifferent (stronger) front wing..."? No, not just stronger, completely
different front wing. Different structure, different airfoil ( <--- RUSS!
You can't just use the Q2 airfoil templates!! ), different thickness, etc.,
etc. Completely different. Also, different firewall, different header tank,
different fuel system plumbing, and different aileron control system (mass
balanced). Different CG range. Etc., etc.

There is not just one article or web page, there are entire websites devoted
to these planes. Please READ the information on the Q-LIST yahoo groups
website and the website to get yourselves up to speed on
these topics....

David J. Gall

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Subject: [Q-LIST] Q2 Vrs Q200

I have a simple question that I am sure must be out there on
the net somewhere.

Besides the Engine/Eng mount/Prop. and a different
(stronger) front wing, what else would I have to do to
convert a Q2 to a Q200?

If there is a web page or an artical that tells me how to
convert one, please give me the link and I'll go read it.

Danny Creech
Soon to be a Quickie owner.
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Thanks for the kind response, even if you didn't know my
name. I have the LS1 addendum, but I couldn't find any
instructions for cutting out the LS1 foam cores in it. So I'm
assuming it's the same, but I wanted to check with those who
are knowledgable (and willing to help). Thanks again Paul.

Russ Meyerriecks
Huntsville, AL
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Subject: [Q-LIST] Q2 -> Q200 Conversion

I'm converting my Q2 to a Q200 (As I'm building it) and I
have a couple questions. Does anyone sell the spar? I think I
could try to reverse-engineer it but I'd much rather buy it
for safety reasons.

Also, all I have are the Q2 plans (and Q2 plans CD). There is
an addendum for building the canard wing with the carbon
fiber spar, but no information about cutting out the foam
(Templates are different).
I'm pretty sure I can simply use my Q2 instructions with the
LS1 templates, but I just wanted to double check.

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