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David J. Gall


You already found in paragraph 4 of the LS(1) addendum where they say the canard cores from B.L. 0 to B.L. 15 are cut into two pieces instead of one. Read the sentence immediately BEFORE that sentence. You will see that it says: "From B.L. 15 to B.L. 100, the hotwire block sizes are exactly the same as called out in the Q2 construction plans."

Yes, we all skip blindly past the words on the page on occasion! :)

Hope this is what you were looking for,

David J. Gall
PS If you have a set of the original, uncut LS1 hotwire templates (not copies), I'd sure like a chance to digitize them then return them to you....

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Please allow me to appologize. I must not be communicating my
question very well and I'm sorry.

I understand that the Q-200 uses the LS1 airfoil and a carbon spar
for the canard to fix the bug/rain problem with the GU airfoil and to
add extra support for the heavier 0-200 engine. So, here I am with the
LS1 templates in hand and ready to cut my foam cores. I pour through
all the documents that I've collected on the Q2/200 trying to find any
specific instructions for cutting out the "LS1" cores and I find none.
I've looked through the Q2 Manual, the LS1 Addendum, and Q200 Plans
section II (and I did a fruitless search in this yahoo group). The
closest thing I could find was in the beginning of the "LS1" Addendum
where they say the canard cores from BL0 to BL15 are cut into two
pieces instead of one. So I'm *assuming* I should cut the LS1
BL15-BL100 cores the same way as the GU cores would be cut. (I'm NOT
cutting GU airfoils).

Again, I appologize. Assumptions make me uneasy, especially
considering the magnitude of the project. All I wanted to do was
double check that I wasn't missing anything before I cut into my
expensive foam. I didn't mean for it to turn into a big ordeal.

Russ Meyerriecks
Huntsville, AL

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