Re: First Post from RITZ ......Yikes...How do you fill the tires with air??

Dave Dugas


I hate to tell you this but if you can't see the valves you've got to remove the wheel. Mine's the same way Dave D

q2blueskies <q2blueskies@...> wrote:
Hello evryone in the Q Group....
My Q2 is finally home, in the work shop and ready to work on...
I am embarrassed to ask?..
Ok...Am I missing somen? (smile)....
How do you fill the tires with air...
Twice we have moved my Q2 to get where it is... and twice, no one with
me, has been able get to the valve, even see the valve stem, for the
simple task of filing the tires up?.. So I turn to you for help?..
Thanking you in advance..

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