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My data plate is on the centre console aft of the stick. Clearly visible from outside the cockpit.

Simon Wilson
United Kingdom

Bob Farnam <bfarnam@...> wrote:
It's supposed to be behind the door (canopy) and visible to a person
standing on the ground. Mine is under the rear wing on the left side of the
fuse. My full data plate is on the seatback bulkhead. The outside one needs
only limited info.

Bob F.

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Hi Rich,

I pop riveted mine to the vertical stabilizer being careful not to get
into the comm. antenna that was installed in the rudder. You may need
to shape the metal a bit to fit the curves.

Dave Richardson

825DR Tri-Q2


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Hi guys got a quick question about where to put the data plate and how
to fasten it, How is everyone else fastening there data plates and is
there alt place to put besides where it is suppose to go? I really
dont like the ideia of screwing to the tail cone.

N169TB flying (just getting out of the paint shop)

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