Re: Larger fuel tank under seat + higher cabin headroom.

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I am not interested.

David J. Gall
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Thanks for responding... I, if I am being told accurate
information is that the performance envelope of the Q are
opened up with a T- Tail allowing slower approach speeds if
the a stabilizer with an elevator is added to the top of the
tail which is five to six feet long becoming a tri-foil
aircraft... if you wan't to call it that.

I wanted to look into deleting the elevators off the canard,
if this can be done. I don't care if the airplane becomes
something else if the performance is improved by as much as 10%.

Due to the public floggings of opinion which come about from
someone even suggesting a radical change to these airplanes I
want to keep discussion off list, if you would be willing to
do so. I have been referred to you for some other questions I had too.

I have a DF, but the way I see it, except for the length of
the wings they are the same airplane, essentially and this
mod, if it works as well as claimed by someone who did a
study on the T-Tail, would apply to either aircraft. This
group is much more active than the DFly group so I passed the
question here about this possibility plus I wanted to look
into the idea of flapperons, but not my main thrust of
interest, mainly the T Tail and perhaps a raised canopy so I
don't hit my head on the top.


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What was the project?

David J. Gall

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That's the same thing an engineer told me on another
project which


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I'm pretty dedicated
towards doing something different from a regular Q or DF with
project even if it takes me ten years to finish it. I want to
T-Tail on it as the sole elevator and perhaps look into
for both wings.



One Sky Dog

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