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Sam, Your assumption is correct, to get rid of the low hanging kidney tank.
I will come up with what kind of tank I have to make when I build it. Don't
think it will be the same shape as they used due to the mounts I have. But
the idea will be the same, it will have the same capacity and not sure but
probably will make it from Carbon Fiber. I am looking into what would help
dispurse the heat best. Will make the bottom part from 3/8 aluminum with
the -8 supply in the center and two returns on each side. Probably will dish
out the bottom to help the oil flow to the return tubes. This will give me
room for the type of exhaust I am installing. I will be using the augmenter
type to help pull the cooling air out, I already have my bottom cowl shaped
for it.

Ron Triano

Sonerai IIs done and flying

Q200, Back working on it, soon to be flying

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That is a pretty interesting oil sump. What is their reason for doing all
that? I would assume that it is to eliminate the drag from the fat kidney
tank hanging below the fuselage.

I would hope that you wouldn't take that on, just to accommodate your
exhaust. It should be the other way around.

I would appreciate it if you also posted those photos on the Q-200 Engine
group. http://groups. <>



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Get new idea's from the formula 1 racers every year. Been wondering what to
do to make space for my 4 in one exhaust as the oil tank was in the way. I
will put up on the Q list photos section under rondefly 3 new photos.


Ron Triano

Sonerai is there and Q200 not far behind


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