Re: Air Flow at canard - fuselage intersection LS1

Jim Patillo

That sounds good Larry but did you look at the actual facts with the
pix of my canard flow test this weekend. That may shoot your theory
all to hell. The main wing is next. What are you doing to promote
the species? Are you in the air still?

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

--- In, larry severson <larry2@...> wrote:

Golly Jim! Is Mark another 4 mph faster? Are there any pictures
of Mark's
VG set-up in the files yet? Great work, Mark!
Any join of surfaces greater than 45 degrees should be contoured
(beer can fillet) for minimum drag. I have not seen (noticed) any
that have such a fillet below the main wing on Qs.

Larry Severson
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 968-9852

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