Flight reports

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7 Sept 06
Again worked on descents. TO from 35 was fine. I think the tires have a
higher profile than the old ones. I need more ground speed to TO than before
I changed the tires. At first I thought it was my complacency, but now have
enough TO¹s to think that the ground angle of attack has changed for the
worse. Nothing dangerous, just different. The engine has started to loosen
up some also. I now get 2550RPM on TO roll and 2450 to 2500 in climb. 360°
descents, 100 MPH at idle, the first 180 ° was down 1000¹ the next 180° was
down 700¹. For a total for 1700¹ descent in the full turn. Thought it was
odd to have different rates in the same test. Next test was 2000¹ descent at
idle, with 110MPH. Glide was 3.5 miles.
Return to the airport for landing, uneventful.

14 Sept 06
Continued the descent tests. TO from 17 with a 10 MPH headwind felt better
than the calm wind TO¹s I have been doing. Climb to 5000¹, without leveling
off part way up to cool the engine, was fine. The temps were normal for this
plane. First descent yielded a glide of 2.5 miles, engine at idle, down
2000¹, @ 115 mph. Next try was engine idle, down 1000¹ @ 120 mph, 1mile.
Flew around some at 5000¹. Had a strange experience. To maintain altitude, I
had to have the nose high. More so than I have ever noticed. The plane did
not want to trim very well either. Back to the pattern for landing. Decided
to try to slow my approach to 90 mph for final. Short final found me very
low, and almost in the corn. Had I continued I don¹t think I would have made
the runway. Went around. Next approach was at 100 mph. More like normal. At
least normal to me. Did a T&G. Next landing was at 100 mph on final as well.
Decent landing. When I got back to the hanger I had a huge amount of bugs on
the plane. More so than I have ever seen. I talked with Terry C. about the
possibility that the bugs could have spoiled some of the lift on the wings.
He said that his LS1 has not had a bug problem, but any contamination on the
wings will decrease performance. I cleaned them off, and will know the next
flight if they were the cause. If I don¹t gather them on TO.

Kevin Boddicker
Luana, Iowa
Tri Q200 N7868B 31.4 hours

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