Re: How wasteful can you get?

Kevin Whitton <haywired_texan@...>

I just saw all of these birds, at the Hondo fly-in. I
should have tried to acquire one then. Many were good
looking planes, but most had hail damage to the tail
I agree, what a waste.

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In a message dated 9/18/2006 5:31:27 PM Mountain
Daylight Time,
fifty101fifty@... writes:

that's what happens when you have to much money and
morons running your
"business" with a uniform ....

Allan Farr <_afarr@...
(mailto:afarr@...) > wrote: Has anyone
seen this?

I find it sickening.
Allan F.

Same thing that happened to a lot of military birds.
Like the Northrop
flying wings and hundreds of P 51's

It is not unique to the military Beach is buying
back and cutting up all the
Starships they can.



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