Re: [Dragonflylist] Who is N218E?

Spud Spornitz <spudspornitz@...>

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the heads ups. It looks like it started as a Q-2 and then
changeover to an O-200 motor.

The Q-2/200 belongs to:

Street 5637 N COLONY
City THE COLONY State TEXAS Zip Code

Originally built by:
Serial Number 2735
Manufacturer Name EIBEN THEODORE

Certificate Issue Date 06/28/2005
Model Q-2

Somebody should give him a call and fill him in on the event. Anybdoy
got a e-mail address or a phone, too late for mail. Mr. Masal you have
any inside scoop on this gentleman?

Also Dave you coming to the event. Haven't seen any registration?? Or
are you still in "Mooney Boot Camp"??

Later, Spud

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Hi guys,

While shooting landings in my new Mooney at my airport today I spied
a beautiful Q-200 parked outside a hangar. Later I drove over to
look at it, but the owner had left the hangar open and was nowhere to
be found. The N number is 218E. It's a gorgeous bird, and I don' t
know any more details about it. Had no idea there was a Q-bird based
at my field.

Spud, maybe you can encourage the Q-guys to try to get whoever it is
to fly it into Emporia this weekend.


Dave Morris
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