Re: [SPAM++++++++] Re: Static load testing

Kerri & Mark <ksm@...>

Doug would you mind forwarding a copy of the loading test to me also, I have been thinking of doing it as i'm about to start on the firewall forward and would like to feel confident in the airframe first. Thank you
Mark Fitzgerald
Timaru New Zealand

Paul, could you send that static load write up to me as well at: HawkiDoug@... Thanks!

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
A Sign Above
Omaha NE

Hi Tom and Bruce

I have a write up and advice on static load testing written by Marc Waddelow (designer of the 'Waddelow sparless canard') if it would help.
I'll have to scan it in and send it to your personal email address.....this Q list will not accept attachments.

Paul Buckley

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