Re: Air Flow at canard - fuselage intersection LS1

Patrick Panzera <panzera@...>

This is the kind of stuff I'd do on a regular basis if only I had a plane to
fly and experiment with. :(

Good job Jim.

But on a slightly different topic...

We've all heard that the "left turning tendency" is partly due to the
"spiral slipstream" but I've never seen any physical evidence of this on any
of the planes I rent, like bugs on the left side of the vertical stab or oil
from the belly making its way up the left side of the fuselage and onto the
vertical stab and/or rudder.

With your new oil flow tests, are there any signs of the "spiral slipstream"
in the oil on your plane?



That sounds good Larry but did you look at the actual facts with the
pix of my canard flow test this weekend. That may shoot your theory
all to hell. The main wing is next. What are you doing to promote
the species? Are you in the air still?

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