Re: Air Flow at canard - fuselage intersection LS1

One Sky Dog

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I took careful note of Mark's VG arrangement, but saw no VGs in close
proximity to the upper aft inboard canard region. The implication
was that there
were some special placements of VGs in that area to keep the air

Ronce says 50% chord for the GU and it is true.

I believe that the GU has a standing separation bubble that forms from the
root and travels out along the hingeline of the elevator. How far out and how
well it develops depends a lot on how the wing was cut and finished, the root
fairing, and the bugs and rain on the leading edge.

I used a wide spacing on my VG's on a Dragonfly 4" between each VG, not
pairs but each one. I have flown in light to moderate rain and they work great. I
do not seek out Cat5 stuff to see if they work in strong rain.

I can see that one VG vortex close to the fuse might disrupt the formation
of the separation bubble. Kinda like sticking your finger in the side of the
vortex in the drain.


One Sky Dog

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