Re: Air Flow at canard - fuselage intersection LS1

Ron Triano <rondefly@...>

Sam, are you talking about the small fillet at the wing root junction. Other
than a different paint job each of the 3 years I don't see any change to
anything in that area I have several photos of all the NXTs each year.


Sonerai flying and Q200 gettin there


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Take a look at the wing/fuselage junction on these racers. Pay particular
attention to photos of Nemesis and to Lee Behel, in the Lancair Legacy. I'm
going to do something like that with my Q-200 - someday.

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Mark is kind of quit. He's off working at Homeland Security in DC as
of last week. You may never see those pictures in the files. Should of
taken pictures when you were here. I said he claims 4 mph, I didn't
say he was getting it! We'll verify next time we fly together.
Although when he says something you can usually count on it.

With his fuel injected pumped up 0200 and this new mod he does have a
fast plane. Mark's made many inovations in drag reduction on his
plane, like cutting the kidney tank in half and keeping the engine
cowling flush with the bottom of fuselage, his own design for VG's on
the GU canard and this latest one. All these things make for a slick

JIm Patillo N46JP Q200

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Golly Jim! Is Mark another 4 mph faster? Are there any pictures of
VG set-up in the files yet? Great work, Mark!



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