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I've heard Todd's Canopies can make a Q2 canopy and are reasonably

On the anhedral, I have it on my Tri-Q2 LS1 canard and I also trained in
one with it as well. I get some 15+ knot direct crosswinds pretty
regularly at my home airport and it has not been a huge issue. For me,
keeping the other end of the runway in sight after round out to help
keep the wings level has been pretty effective. I have drifted a bit
in the direction of the crosswind, though, but my runway is 100' wide.
I can't tell you why, but it does not seem to be as effected by
crosswind as the Cessnas I've flown. Perhaps it is the lack of a flat
side surface or reduced weathervane effect or something. I don't know.
My wife has been out watching me do landings on some crosswind days and
she will see the Cessnas hop and skip down the runway on one of their
main gear wheels and until they finally flomp down on the other two.
I'll follow right behind them and land level without the drama. Trust
me, I'm no hot stick. The Tri-Q just seems to be pretty reasonable in a
crosswind even with the anhedral.

Dave Richardson

Tri-Q2 825DR


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33LQ has a new home, but she will need a new canopy. Where can I get
one for a Q?

Also, the original builder built the LS1 canard with anhedral (on a
triQ). The damage to the canard was limited to easily repaired dings
to one tip and a small area 1/2 way down the leading edge on the same
side. I will not consider flying a triQ that can not handle a cross
wind. As such, I will be cutting off the canard (after I get the new
Swing nose gear). At that point, I will offer the completed
canard/elevator system for sale.

Larry Severson
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 968-9852
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